What is included in the basic product? 

What's included:

  • Incredibly high-quality, strong wall-bed
  • Adjustable height pull-up bar
  • Dip bars
  • Attachment points for adding the power rack (the power rack is NOT included in the base product)
  • Panels to place a standard mattress on (mattress is NOT included)

What's not included:

  • Power rack or any attachments for the power rack such as J-hooks, safety spotter arms, etc
  • Barbell storage brackets
  • Mattress
  • Weights bench, weight plates, barbells, dumbbells or other exercise equipment shown
  • Other furniture
  • Tablet device
  • Device mount
  • Full-length polycarbonate mirror

What are the dimensions of PIVOT Bed?

You can find all of PIVOT Bed's measurements HERE.

What is included with the Power Rack?

What's included:

  • Fold-out power rack arms with extendable feet
  • All components and hardware to mount it to the bed and ensure it works perfectly
  • Adjustable height pull-up bar (if ordering with a bed, this will be the only pull-up bar supplied)
  • A pair of high-quality, UHMWPE-protected J-hooks

What's not included:

  • Safety spotter arms
  • Weight-plate storage brackets
  • Barbell, weights, bench, or any other exercise equipment shown in our marketing material

Where can I purchase a PIVOT Bed?

Currently, PIVOT can only be purchased through this website. We do not have any physical stores in the UK or overseas.


Power Rack Measurements and Barbell Advice

Check out our article on power rack measurements and barbell advice

Where's the best place to position the PIVOT Bed?

Check out our article on where's the best place to position the PIVOT Bed in your bedroom.


How does it stay upright?

The base structure is incredibly strong and stable, and this stays in place on the floor at all times. The frame of the bed pivots on this base and locks into it when in the upright position. The base extends beyond the lines of force created by you exercising - straight down from the pull-up and dip bars - so there is never any danger of it being toppled over. This means it doesn't have to be attached to the wall or floor, although if you want to attach cables/TRX and pull at different angles you will have to affix the base to the rear wall using our included kit.


How safe is this?

The product is made in the UK and before any member of the public uses it, it will have passed BS EN ISO 20957-1 Stationary Training Equipment – General Safety Requirements and Test Methods. This is an internationally recognised safety standard and the only applicable standard for the UK and Europe. At PIVOT, safety is our number one priority.

The pull-up and dip bars will be rated to at least 130kgs, which will mean they have been tested to in excess of 325kgs of load as multiplying the maximum rated user weight by x2.5 is required to pass the safety standard. 

The product is self-supporting with a very stable base. The latching system is designed to be redundant – any one latch will hold the apparatus upright safely. 

We do advise attaching the base to the rear wall using at least our included strong Velcro and ideally using the appropriate, heavy duty wall fixings (not supplied).

We've developed our own, unique, computer-controlled safety testing rig to allow us to perform stress testing (dynamic movement). This means we can simulate, for example, a 130kg user performing 12,000 pull-ups. We believe we're one of the only companies to actually perform this type of testing.


What's it made from?

It's almost entirely made from steel, from the 3mm thick, 75x75mm power rack uprights, to the 40x40mm base unit. All nuts and bolts are A2 stainless steel. There are some wooden components to the bed - panels for the mattress to sit on and these are made from high-quality, phenolic-coated birch plywood. The steel is powder-coated with a black, textured coat which is non-solvent based. The power rack pins are industry standard 16mm (5/8") diameter stainless steel and the latching system is over-engineered for safety. 

We're manufacturing all our products in the UK which means we can have much more control over everything, from quality control to being quick to make small improvements.


How strong do I need to be to lift and lower the bed?

You don't need to be strong as the vast majority of the weight is taken care of by carefully balanced gas struts. If you're able to perform exercise to any reasonable level, you will easily be strong enough and will probably be able to lift and lower the bed with one arm. If you are elderly or have an injury, you should probably get in touch with us before buying or wait until we have some display units near you to try out. With the power rack and all the add-ons on the bed, along with a full-load of weight plates, the bed does get heavier to lift – but anyone looking to perform this type of exercise will be able to lift and lower it.


Can I use a TRX or similar cables with the product?

We only support this if you attach the bed base to the rear wall. Stud walls and brick are both supported. Without this you may find you are able to rock the entire product backwards and forwards, if you're strong and are pulling on the top of the structure at an angle close to horizontal. While it is very difficult to pull the device over, due to the way it is balanced and the overall weight including the mattress, we can't rule this out and hence we would rather you were careful and affix it to your wall if you want to perform this sort of exercise. 


How much does it weigh?

Without the optional power rack attachment the whole product will weigh around 250kgs. We will update this with an exact figure as soon as we have completed our prototyping and have a final product locked down. The power rack will add approximately 70kgs.


What is the maximum rated user weight?

At this point we have not performed independent tests to be sure of this, so we cannot give you a final, exact figure. Our intention is to support at least 130kgs, which is a standard figure for home gym equipment. It should be noted that to pass the required, internationally recognised, British Standard, manufacturers have to prove that their device can safely hold 2.5x the stated maximum user weight. So if we say 130kgs, you'll know we've given it lots of margin to be safe as it has been tested to 325kgs. We will also be performing strenuous endurance tests, prior to manufacturing any customer units which means simulating a heavy user doing 12,000 pull-ups and dips using our custom-developed, computer-controlled test rig.


Are there any restrictions on the size and type of mattress I can use?

As long as you match your mattress to the bed size, the only restriction is in the height, or thickness, of the mattress. This is roughly 270mm, which covers all but a small subset of really thick mattresses. 300mm thick mattresses may work with PIVOT Bed, but the top corner may come into contact with the rear wall and part of the base unit. 


Do I need to do anything with my floor?

This isn't an easy question to answer fully, as there are infinite types and standards of flooring! However, the increased weight over some 'regular' sturdy beds is not huge, and the area which rests on the floor is larger with PIVOT Bed, spreading that weight out, so there really shouldn't be an issue. If you're in any doubt, you should speak with someone knowledgeable in the building trade, a building surveyor or engineer to assess your individual flooring scenario.

It should be noted that your floor must be flat. You cannot have the foot-end of the bed lower than the head-end - that could cause damage to the gas struts or their mounts. While you could, theoretically, have the foot-end higher than the head-end, this isn’t an ideal position for sleeping!

Something important to take into consideration, however, is damage you could inflict on your floor from exercising on it - especially if you are using free weights. The PIVOT Bed itself will not influence this in any way beyond enabling you to perform your exercises. We thoroughly recommend a strong, rubber-based mat. Our own multi-layer mat solution uses extremely high-quality natural rubber. Please be careful when buying rubber mats for your bedroom as almost all are made from SBR, which is recycled rubber from old car tyres, held together with a polyurethane bonding agent. This smells strongly and produces considerable quantities of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) which can be harmful to your health. They're cheap for a reason.

Our advice is not to use EVA foam matting as it has quite serious pitfalls. Namely, EVA is not suitable for heavy equipment - so resting the bed itself on it, or a weights bench, or the optional power rack uprights, or a treadmill, or even dropping/storing free weights on it is not a good idea. The foam cells will 'burst' and it will quickly become an unusable mess.

If you plan on using our power rack attachment you'll need to make sure the bed base itself sits on your mat. If it doesn't, the power rack feet may foul the mat – there is some adjustment possible but thick mats won't work in this way.

Finally, please, be respectful to your neighbours. Especially if you live above others in a flat/apartment, exercise of any variety in your home, with or without the PIVOT Bed, can be incredibly annoying to your neighbours. Don't be that person! If in any doubt, install a proper rubber mat solution. If you live above others in an older building with wooden flooring 'rafters', you need to be very careful before doing any exercise at home, regardless of any additional flooring you may add. Basically, please be respectful and responsible.


What is the age restriction for using the PIVOT™ Bed?

Young teenage athletes should always be supervised by a responsible adult. Only an adult should lift and lower the bed, and they should be responsible for making sure it is locked in place before any exercise is attempted. Children aged 12 and under should not use or play within the vicinity of PIVOT.


I live in an apartment so this product is ideal for me. However, I’m concerned it’s going to cause a lot of noise to the residents below when I’m using it. Will it create a lot of noise?

The PIVOT Bed itself will not create much noise. However, exercising at home will always generate noise so you should be mindful of this and be a fair, responsible neighbour. We thoroughly recommend installing a quality exercise mat - see the section/question on “Do I need to do anything with my floor?” for more information.


Will you ship internationally? If so, where? 

We aim to ship worldwide but outside of mainland UK, Europe or North America will cost additional and due to the large, heavy nature of the product this will be a considerable sum. Contact us for a price.


Is there any way I can try out PIVOT™ Bed before purchasing?

We're looking into setting up a showroom here in the UK that features the PIVOT Bed. We also plan on providing an immersive online experience for our growing community of international PIVOT fans who want to see the the bed in action. Please subscribe to our newsletter if you would like more information on this.


What is your returns policy?


Please refer to this page for details.


I can see that there is a screen in one of your earlier videos. Does this come with the product? What is its specification and will I need to buy anything else in addition for it to work?

The screen in the video is a 12” tablet which does not come with the product. However, we plan to support any device you can realistically mount on the bed. We are looking to partner with RAM Mounts so if they have a solution for your device, you’ll be able to mount it to the PIVOT Bed. If you prefer you can simply use some strong Velcro.


I am not a big weight lifter, but I am more interested in using, for example, a treadmill, exercise bike or rowing machine with PIVOT™ Bed. I doubt they will all fit, so how can I achieve all that if you’re claiming to offer a full gym?

You’re absolutely correct, you are very unlikely to be able to fit all that equipment under any one bed at the same time! There are a few home gym equipment rental companies, so you do have the option to swap out treadmills for rowers for bike rollers. Regarding the fit of any one piece of equipment, you will need to be careful with this. We plan to test as many different brands and models as possible and offer a ‘Works with PIVOT’ accreditation, so you can be sure that it will fit under the bed when horizontal, but this will take considerable time and the help of many brands. Note that when the power rack add-on is fitted, the space under your PIVOT Bed will be reduced. We will not be responsible for your equipment not fitting under our product and you should make every effort to check the fit before you purchase your equipment.