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We've designed the ultimate home fitness solution that opens up space for you to exercise – a bed that transforms into a home gym.

Featuring a full-width pull-up bar, a power rack for strength training, dip bars and additional, modular add-ons such as our weight-plate and barbell storage solutions, there's also space under the bed for our custom-designed PIVOT Weights Bench.

When PIVOT is in sleep mode, the gym is so well hidden you won't even notice it's there.

Save Time

The PIVOT™ Bed means no more early starts to your local gym. All you need to do now is wake up, lift your bed and raise your game.

Save on Travel

Having your own fully working gym at home means you no longer have to travel to the gym. Simply work out from the comfort of your own home.

Save Space

PIVOT™ Bed flips up 90 degrees allowing you to reclaim and use all of the space under the bed so you can enjoy a range of exercises.

Save Money

Wave goodbye to your annual gym membership and travel costs with a PIVOT™ Bed at home and enjoy the freedom to work out when you want.