PIVOT Barbell Storage


    Barbells are big and bulky and aren't everyone's idea of bedroom decor. Put your barbell out of the way, under your PIVOT Bed, allowing it to swing up into the perfect position for easy access.

    – Mounting points exist on every PIVOT Bed
    – Can mount on either side (you can even have one each side)
    – Gain otherwise wasted space.
    – Maximum barbell length corresponds almost exactly to the length of the chosen mattress (2010mm/210cm for most, 1910mm/191cm for shorter beds, 2060mm/206cm for US queen). Full-size barbells don't fit as they're longer than the bed.
    - includes two steel brackets and two strong, rubber clamps which quickly and securely hold the barbell, and the nuts and bolts to fit them.


    PLEASE NOTE If you have a double size bed, our Weight Plate Storage solution and all of your weight plates are the full 450mm/17.5" diameter, you will have to remove the barbell from these storage clamps before you can extend the power rack arm on that side. Once you fold the rack arm back in for storage, you can place the barbell back in the Barbell Storage clamps.