What is PIVOT

PIVOT is a modular concept that allows you to optimise the space in your home by using a bedroom as a gym, all while upgrading the comfort of the bed.

It all starts with the PIVOT Bed, which serves as the base and frame for the system. When locked upright, it provides numerous attachment points for exercise equipment. These accessories can all be stored under the bed so when you have guests, it appears just as a premium, very comfortable bed.

The accessories include the PIVOT Power Rack, PIVOT Weights Bench, PIVOT Full-Width Pull-up Bar, and PIVOT Dip Bars, among others. To learn more about these attachments, please visit our Shop PIVOT Page.

PIVOT uses your standard mattress and it does not convert an existing, standard bed. It *is* a bed – a "wall bed" or "Murphy Bed", and you are free to choose whichever mattress you prefer as long as it is 270mm / 11" thick or less.

Is shipping included and how long does it take to ship?

Shipping is included, yes. At this time we will also cover FedEx Out Of Delivery Areas postal / zip codes.

Duties & Taxes are also included in the price. If you are outside of the UK, Europe, USA and Canada, we will assess the Duties & Taxes for your country/region after purchase and let you know if we can cover it inclusively. Most countries are covered but if Duties & Taxes combined are larger than 15% we may ask you to cover some excess.

The shipping time for PIVOT orders depends on where we are in our manufacturing cycle.

If we have stock of all the parts and accessories for your order, we can often dispatch it the next day.

If we don't have stock of all the parts and accessories for your order, it can take up to 12 weeks for us to dispatch. We are a small company producing a very high quality product in relatively small numbers, we are not mass-producing and holding large amounts of stock.

Our headboards are made-to-order, in the UK, due to the huge number of permutations. This usually takes less than a week. For orders outside the UK, headboards can ONLY be shipped with the bed – they cannot be shipped on their own after the bed has shipped.

We can hold orders until you are ready to take delivery and we strongly advise getting your order in earlier rather than later to avoid delays.

UK Orders take about two days to deliver. Orders to North America, Europe and some other regions are serviced by FedEx air freight and this takes on average about 10 days to deliver.

Regions such as Australia, New Zealand and Africa are served by ocean freight, increasing the delivery time. Shipments by air freight are also possible at an added cost.

What bed sizes are available?

PIVOT Bed is available in two lengths and three widths, and these are interchangeable for maximum size coverage.

The available lengths are:
1900mm (6'3")
2000mm (6'7")

The available widths are:
1400mm (4'7")
1500mm (4'11")
1600mm (5'3")

Please note that international naming conventions and slight size variations may cause confusion, so it is essential to follow the dimensions provided on our product page. If you need a combination of length and width not listed, choose Custom at checkout and send us a message at orders@pvt.fit. Please note, though, that we cannot produce custom lengths or widths, just custom combinations of existing lengths and widths.

It is worth noting that international mattress sizes may not match the frame's exact measurements, and there is no issue if the frame is slightly larger or smaller than your mattress. Mattresses are deformable and small gaps at the edges do not present any problems. Producing parts for each and every international mattress size would not be commercially viable.

We are considering developing wider beds such as 1800mm (5'11"), but we have not committed to these sizes yet. The additional width requires considerable additional engineering and testing, it isn't as trivial as it may at first appear. Please let us know if you are interested in these sizes as the more feedback we receive, the more likely we are to develop them.

What are the dimensions of PIVOT?

This page contains all of the useful dimensions and measurements for PIVOT, across all of our bed sizes.

Where can I purchase PIVOT

Currently, PIVOT can only be purchased through this website. We do not have any physical stores in the UK or overseas.

Power Rack Measurements and Barbell Advice

Where's the best place to position PIVOT in a room?

Check out our article on where's the best place to position the PIVOT Bed in your bedroom.

How does PIVOT stay upright?

The PIVOT Bed's base structure is designed to provide exceptional stability and strength, ensuring that it remains firmly in place on the floor. The bed frame pivots within the base using gas springs, and once it reaches a vertical position, dual latches engage automatically and can be locked independently. The base extends beyond the lines of force created by exercising, particularly from the pull-up and dip bars, so there is no possibility of it toppling over. Furthermore, the base unit must be screwed to the wall.

How long does it take to set up or put down again?

This depends on what configuration you have, and what exercise you wish to perform, etc. However, lifting and lowering the bed takes just a few seconds.

To lift the bed, you generally just need to move the pillows to the centre of the mattress, under the duvet/covers, and lift. Bedding should be held in place between your mattress and headboard/wall.

The mattress is held to the bed frame using an elastic strap over each corner at the foot of the bed, which goes over the mattress and under your fitted sheet, meaning it is hidden from view.

Here are two short videos showing how long it takes for a full configuration including our optional pull-up bar extensions:

How safe is PIVOT?

The product is made in the UK and has passed BS EN ISO 20957-1 Stationary Training Equipment – General Safety Requirements and Test Methods. This is a demanding and internationally recognised safety standard and the only applicable standard for the UK and Europe.

At PIVOT, safety is our number one priority. The pull-up and dip bars are rated to 130kgs, which means they have been tested to in excess of 325kgs of load as multiplying the maximum rated user weight by x2.5 is required to pass the safety standard. The product is self-supporting with a very stable base, though it must be fixed to the wall or floor so it remains safe while being lifted/lowered.

The latching system is designed to be redundant – any one latch will hold the apparatus upright safely. Even without latches, the product will only ever lower to the floor slowly due to the strong gas springs used to assist lifting and lowering.

We've developed our own, unique, computer-controlled safety testing rig to allow us to perform stress testing (dynamic movement). This means we can simulate, for example, a 130kg user performing 12,000 pull-ups. We use it every time we make a relevant change.

What is the maximum rated user weight?

The pull-up bar and dip bars on our product are rated to 130 KG, which is a standard weight limit for premium home gym equipment.

Please note this does not include our power rack. This apparatus easily exceeded our testing capabilities of 700 KG (per upright).

To meet the required safety standard, our product has been tested to safely hold 2.5x the maximum user weight, which means 325 KG (130 x 2.5).

We have also conducted strenuous endurance tests using our custom-developed, computer-controlled test rig, simulating a 130 KG user performing 12,000 pull-ups and dips.

How strong do I need to be to lift and lower the bed?

You don't need to be strong as the vast majority of the weight is taken care of by carefully balanced gas struts. If you're able to perform exercise to any reasonable level, you will easily be strong enough and will probably be able to lift and lower the bed with one arm. If you are elderly or have an injury, you should probably get in touch with us before buying or wait until we have some display units near you to try out. With the power rack and all the add-ons on the bed, along with a full-load of weight plates, the bed does get heavier to lift – but anyone looking to perform this type of exercise will be able to lift and lower it.

Can I use a TRX with PIVOT?

Yes, we are proud to have TRX as one of our partners and our latest design includes a mounting location specifically for mounting a TRX to the top/bottom of the bed frame.

You can use this custom mounting location to hook the TRX onto directly, and keep your TRX Extender wrapped around the pull-up bar to enable a huge range of effective bodyweight exercises.

There are also many locations on the bed frame which can be used to attach resistance bands to. Just having something strong and dependable to pull against offers virtually limitless exercise potential. No more door handles flying across the room...

How much does PIVOT weigh?

PIVOT Bed on its own weighs about 160 KG (353 lbs), or equivalent to two average people.

The Power Rack adds approximately another 60 KG (132 lbs), or equivalent to less than one average person.

The rubber exercise mats weigh about 41 KG (90 lbs), or equivalent to half an average person.

The Full Monty Package weighs equivalent to about four average people.

Are there any restrictions on the size and type of mattress I can use?

As long as you match your mattress to the bed size, the only restriction is in the height, or thickness, of the mattress. This is roughly 270mm (11"), which covers all but a small subset of really thick mattresses. 300mm (12") thick mattresses may work with PIVOT Bed, but the top corner may come into contact with the rear wall and part of the base unit when pivoting. This should be a minor snagging rather than a problem which prevents you from pivoting the bed.

Do I need to do anything with my floor?

There are infinite types and standards of flooring, but the weight of the PIVOT Bed is not significantly more than regular beds, and its weight is spread out over a larger area. However, it's best to consult with a knowledgeable person in the building trade to assess your individual flooring scenario. Exercising on your floor, especially with free weights, can cause damage, so it's important to use a strong, rubber-based mat. Avoid using EVA foam matting as it has serious limitations and is unsuitable for heavy equipment. When exercising at home, be considerate of your neighbours, especially if you live in an apartment. If you live above others in an older building with wooden flooring 'rafters,' exercise at home with caution.

What is the age restriction for using PIVOT

Supervision by a responsible adult is recommended for young teenage athletes. The bed should only be lifted and lowered by an adult who ensures it is securely locked before exercise. Children should not be allowed to use or play near PIVOT when it is in a vertical position.

Where do you ship to?

We can ship almost anywhere in the world, and we have already shipped to a great many countries.

We use FedEx for air freight into Europe, North America and selected other countries/regions where FedEx offer us rates which we can work with.

If FedEx cannot air freight to your region/country for a reasonable price, we use ocean freight.

For international shipments to countries we are less familiar with, it may be that you will have to take care of the Taxes and Duties before the shipment is delivered to you. We will contact you upon receiving your order to let you know how much this will be, or you are welcome to contact us in advance.

Is there any way I can try PIVOT before purchasing?

We're looking into setting up a showroom here in the UK and also plan on providing an immersive online experience for our growing community of international PIVOT fans who want to see the bed in action. Please subscribe to our newsletter if you would like more information on this.

What is your returns policy?

Please refer to this page for details.


PIVOT Bed has numerous attachment points compatible with resistance bands and TRX suspension trainers. The PIVOT Power Rack is also compatible with most accessories that use the metric measurement system of 75x75mm uprights with 16.5mm holes, which is an industry standard. However, those using imperial inches should note that accessories with 3x3" uprights or 5/8" pins may fit but could be slightly loose. The only exception is when an accessory has two pins/holes, such as a spotter arm, which may not align correctly with the holes on the uprights due to different hole spacing.

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