Published February 01, 2024

Discover the hidden value of PIVOT

PIVOT isn't just a bed. PIVOT isn't just a Gym. It is both. A gym and a bed in one.

To start, that is a straight-up 2-for-1 offer on a product. But the value isn't obvious. PIVOT is the solution to many lifestyle and health challenges. By integrating a gym into the bed, PIVOT provides a seamless way to incorporate exercise into daily routines, save space and create a multipurpose home.


The extra value behind a Murphy Bed

The innovation is not solely ours. The original Murphy bed was created at the beginning of the 20th century, and it has taken more than a century for it to be redesigned to meet the demands of today's fitness and lifestyle requirements.

Like all Murphy Beds, PIVOT comes with the price tag of a premium product. Fold-up beds have always been more expensive than a standard bed simply because they maximize usable space in a property.

One of the main factors contributing to the higher cost of Murphy beds is the intricate mechanism that enables them to fold up and then, in PIVOT's case, turn into a gym. This mechanism involves a complex system of hinges, springs, and arms, increasing the overall costs of manufacturing and design. Each individual PIVOT component is precisely engineered and constructed to ensure smooth operation and long-lasting durability.

The frame also needs to be sufficiently strong to support the weight of the mattress and the person sleeping on it, while the moving components must be sturdy enough to withstand the constant folding and unfolding of the bed.

How much does a standard bed cost?

The cost of a typical double bed can vary based on various factors. Budget-friendly options can start from as low as £200/ $275, while more expensive beds can be priced at around £1,500/$2,060 or even higher.

For those in search of a superior sleeping experience and a well-crafted double bed at a higher cost, top brands provide carefully designed choices using premium materials and innovative designs. The dedication and passion invested in PIVOT have allowed it to compete successfully in this market. However, it is important to note that these prices only cover the bed frame and do not include a mattress.

When comparing the benefits of a PIVOT to a luxury bed, it becomes evident that PIVOT offers great value for money. And for just a slightly higher price, the PIVOT Lite provides even more value.

The value of extra space

Extra space is a valuable commodity in any home. It allows you to move freely, breathe, and enjoy your surroundings without feeling confined. It provides room for relaxation, productivity, and, in PIVOT's case, fitness.

Whether you live in a small apartment or a house, having extra space can make a difference in your day-to-day life.

PIVOT is a practical solution for those who want to make the most of their living space and rooms.

When not used as a bed or a gym, it can be easily folded up against the wall, giving you valuable floor space for other activities.

One of the key advantages of PIVOT is its versatility. It can be seamlessly integrated into any room, whether a studio apartment, a small house, or a guest room. By simply folding up the bed or storing away the gym, you can transform that room into a home office, a yoga studio, or a space for hosting gatherings.

The possibilities are endless.

PIVOT is less than the cost of an extra room

With PIVOT, you can avoid the troubles, inconveniences, and expenses of building an additional room in your home. Instead, you can transform your existing space into a versatile area, allowing you to have a gym/guest room right in your own home.

Another option to expand your living space is a loft conversion or extension, which can be quite costly, ranging from £20,000/$25,000 to £50,000/$60,000. However, both of these options present ideal opportunities for integrating a PIVOT system, thereby increasing the value of your home.

By opting for PIVOT, you can save yourself from the hassle and financial burden of traditional home expansions. Transforming your current space into a multipurpose area provides you with the convenience of having a gym at home and adds value to your property.

Rather than spending a significant amount of money on a loft conversion or extension, consider the cost-effective solution of PIVOT. With this innovative system, you can optimize your existing space and create a functional and versatile area that meets your specific needs.

The cost of a power rack

Let's look at buying a power rack. Firstly, let's discount cheap, poorly made, low-quality racks. When purchasing a quality rack, the more you spend, the better. A sensible purchase should see you spending £1000/$1250 plus on the basic frame.

The space cost of a power rack is also high. Power racks are generally larger and bulkier compared to other gym equipment, so proper planning is essential. The dimensions will depend on the specific model you choose, but a general guideline is to have a clear floor space of at least 8 ft by 8 ft. This will provide enough room for exercising within the Power Rack and allow for a comfortable and safe workout experience.

PIVOT truly is a quality power rack with all the features, build quality and strength you would expect from a top equipment brand but without the floor space commitment.

That British built value

One of the key advantages of purchasing products made in Britain is the guarantee of exceptional quality. PIVOT is meticulously crafted using high-quality materials such as British Steel and precise engineering. This meticulous attention to detail ensures that every aspect of the product meets the highest standards, offering unparalleled comfort, longevity, and functionality. By opting for a British-made product, you can have complete confidence that you are investing in furniture and gym equipment that will endure over time.

Aside from the superb quality, British manufacturing is renowned for its innovation and design. PIVOT exemplifies this by blending style and functionality in a way that surpasses competitors from countries with lower production standards. British designers and engineers, including our team and the collaborators we work with, are at the forefront of creating inventive and aesthetically pleasing products that serve practical purposes and enhance the overall user experience.

The utilization of premium materials is another hallmark of British manufacturing. PIVOT is crafted from materials that have been carefully chosen for their durability and performance. PIVOT has been designed to withstand the test of time.