Our Purpose

To help you achieve your fitness goals at home, whatever your space.

PIVOT provides simple, smart and strong solutions to improve well-being and enable everyone to attain their fitness goals. The PIVOT Bed is for anyone who needs practical and inspirational space to exercise at home.

We're an independent, UK-based, privately owned company. We design, test, manufacture and ship from the UK. Having our factory nearby means we can be agile and as such our products will constantly improve.

Everything we design and manufacture has been made to help you train at home effectively. If we don't believe it's better than alternatives on the market, we won't produce it.

Safety and Testing

Your safety is our priority and it's for that reason we invested, from the beginning, in developing our own computer-controlled testing device. As a result we know our products surpass the rigorous British Standard (BS EN ISO 20957-1 Stationary Training Equipment), we don't just assume it. That means we can simulate a 130kg person performing the necessary 12,000 pull-ups or dips every time we make a small change, or place a static load of 750kg on our power rack


We're firm believers that if something's worth doing, it's worth doing the right way - from the start. We don't use any plastic in our packaging, whatsoever. We've invested in a state-of-the-art cardboard box making machine that allows us to create custom sized boxes on demand from fully recycled and recyclable, high-quality cardboard.

As we produce beds in sizes for multiple international markets, we minimise void-fill and reduce packaging sizes, so we've vastly reduce our carbon footprint – because that's important for us all. Any unused cardboard from our box machine is fed into our shredder and used for internal packaging, so we end up using everything. Even our labels are better for the environment and we seal our packaging using paper-based gummed tape rather than the standard plastic contact tape.