There can be a lot of confusion over the names of mattress sizes in each country, so we strongly recommend that you focus on mattress measurements and not the names, e.g. King, Queen, Double, etc. 

Currently, we offer sizes for the UK, EU and North American markets. However, this doesn't exclude other regions as the sizes we make cover four widths and three distinct lengths and so it's easy to mix and match lengths and widths to make sure you choose a PIVOT Bed that fits your mattress. Also, foam mattresses can easily fit into a bed frame which measures slightly smaller than the mattress. Fitting a mattress to a frame which is slightly larger isn't a problem, either.

You also have the option of sourcing a custom sized mattress for your region, though you need to be prepared to source bedding for this also and this could be a challenge.

Changing sizes

We don't support this so it's very important that you choose the correct size when placing an order. Any returns will be at your expense and given the size and weight, this will be expensive.

Sizes we don't currently offer

  • Singles – single beds are too narrow to fit a power rack
  • 1800mm or 2000mm wide mattresses: the increase in width requires a lot of engineering and expensive testing, so while we are not currently offering this size (which in some countries is known as a Super King) we may offer it in the future but there are no definite plans to any time soon.

UK Sizes

  • Double mattress: 1360mm x 1900mm
  • King mattress: 1500mm x 2000mm

US Sizes

  • Double (full): 1360mm x 1900mm
  • Queen: 1500mm x 2050mm

EU Sizes

  • Double: 1400mm x 2000mm
  • King: 1600mm x 2000mm

Spanish Sizes

  • King: 1500mm x 1900mm

Custom Sizes

You can choose a combination of any of the mattress lengths and widths below.

We recommend that you choose a slightly smaller frame size if your mattress is foam and a slightly larger frame if your mattress is a sprung mattress (which are obviously harder than foam so less easy to push into a smaller frame). For foam mattresses, we advise a limit of 30mm in either dimension.


  • 1360mm
  • 1400mm
  • 1500mm
  • 1600mm


  • 1900mm
  • 2000mm
  • 2050mm

Example custom size matches

  • NZ double (foam mattress): 1360mm x 2000mm
  • NZ double (sprung mattress): 1400mm x 2050mm
  • NZ queen (foam mattress): 1500mm x 2000mm
  • NZ queen (sprung mattress): US queen 1500mm x 2050mm