Diagram of a barbell

Image courtesy of Home Gym Resource

The PIVOT Power Rack has very standard measurements. We’ve chosen a distance between the uprights which is right in the middle of what the established brands use, so you’ll have no difficulty with a barbell because we’ve done something funky. The distance between the uprights (inside-to-inside) is 1000mm, which makes the outside-to-outside measurement 1150mm. The rack doesn’t change in width between bed sizes. The only difference between racks for different beds is the height of the uprights, as they must match the length of the bed.

This doesn’t mean that any barbell will fit as this is simply not true for any rack. However, the only barbell measurement you really need to adhere to is the shaft length (the distance between the inner faces of the collars/flanges). While the absolute minimum is 1150mm to fit outside the uprights, even one millimetre off will mean you won't be able to rack the barbell. To ensure racking the bar isn’t an issue, you’ll want at least 25mm each side between the collar and upright, which means a shaft length of 1200mm. Don’t confuse shaft length with the overall bar length. You don’t want to be struggling to get your bar onto the J-hooks at the end of your set.

If you’re tight for space in your room and require a short bar (6 foot / ~1800mm), you may decide to compromise on this 25mm so you have more room to fit plates on your bar sleeves. However, we feel this is already tight and 25mm is therefore the minimum we recommend. 

If you’d like to read more on barbells, here is an excellent article: