Published January 24, 2023

A Workout That Elevates You

Let’s kick start Week 4 with functional bodyweight exercises like pull-ups that are great for building your upper-body strength. Despite the common misconception that pull-ups are incredibly difficult, it’s actually possible for anyone – even if you don’t have strong arm and back muscles – to perform a pull-up. All you need to know is where and how to start, learn the correct form, and put in the time and effort.

Just like most bodyweight exercises, a pull-up uses your body as resistance instead of external weights and, while the exercise itself is straightforward, mastering it can be tricky for first timers.

What are the benefits of pull-ups?

Build upper body strength as pull-ups use several of your muscles in one movement, It's known as a compound exercise like rowing. It mimics natural movement improving coordination and balance. 

Low-impact movement pull-ups go easy on your joints, so if you usually find high-impact workouts a struggle, pull-ups are a great low-impact exercise for you to build up your strength without placing an additional strain on your joints or exposing yourself to injury.

Don’t want the gains to stop?

This is why we created PIVOT.

The PIVOT home gym is about opening up space in your bedroom or a guest room so you can work out. It's about training in your own time, on your own terms and providing you with a multi-home gym where you can easily perform a combination of dead-lifts, squats and pull-ups, all at arm's reach.

Here are a few reasons why adding a commercial quality gym to your home, without sacrificing floor space, is one of the smartest moves you can make to stay on top of your fitness regime in 2023:

Instant Motivation because you’ll be able to see your gym whenever you get home
No More Excuses now that you have everything you need just a few steps away, all at arm's reach
Constant Inspiration because the more you train, the more you’ll love the gains you’re making

Ready to meet PIVOT? Explore our bestselling modular options and start building your home gym. We're ready when you are and we’ll be right there with you every lift of the way. 

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