Published December 02, 2023


Since launching PIVOT, we have had incredible coverage in national and global publications. PIVOT has appeared in print, magazines and internationally recognised digital media sites. 


PIVOT's innovative approach to creating space by combining a gym and a fold-up bed is why we have had many journalists contact us, wanting to test out our bed and gym and see how it transforms a small space into a bedroom and workout space. 


Recently, we have seen PIVOT featured in two of the UK's biggest print and digital news outlets, the Financial Times and The Times newspaper.


PIVOT in the Times


The Times is one of the UK's oldest and most respected daily newspapers. It was with some excitement that we accepted coverage in the paper's Bricks and Mortar section, the property supplement of the year in the UK. To help tell the story, we put Hugh Graham in touch with a proud PIVOT owner, Ben Quarry.


In the article, Hugh focuses on Ben Quarry, who has a PIVOT in his three-bed London terraced house. Ben has his PIVOT in his spare room that acts as an office, regularly used guest room and gym. 


Ben told the Times... "Before I had this, I was at most going to the gym twice a week," Quarry says. "It took me 20 minutes to get there, so if I wanted to go before work I'd end up not going because it would add too much time to my commute.


"Also, in public gyms, you have to wait for the equipment to be freed up - now I know exactly how long a workout's going to take. But the best part is, if you have a gym at home it means you don't have an excuse not to go. With this I religiously do three proper weight sessions every week."


You can find the full article here if you have a Times subscription.





The Financial Times sent journalist Rhodri Marsden and award-winning photographer, Peter Flude, to put PIVOT through its paces for a full-page spread in their HTSI section.

Rhodri started by testing out how comfy the bed is, then discovered first-hand how easy it is to lift the bed and transform it into a gym rack—despite not being the world's most experienced gym bunny, Rhodri, with the guidance of PIVOT inventor Colin, had the whole PIVOT workout experience.

Rhodri was impressed at PIVOT's lifting mechanism: "I lift the bed and mattress into an upright position against the wall. Thanks to a pair of gas struts, this task is surprisingly easy, and the mattress is held tidily in place by a pair of elastic straps."

We have invested much R&D into making PIVOT a robust and sturdy gym rack that should last years. So it was reassuring to read his description of PIVOTs quality and construction. "It's a serious piece of equipment, a world away from the exercise equipment that people buy cheaply on impulse, leave to gather dust and ultimately throw into a skip. PIVOT is mighty."

As we knew he would be, Rhodri was impressed with his PIVOT experience: "I can see how PIVOT could appeal to dedicated gym freaks as well as someone like me. It's ultimately about creating space in your home for a serious piece of exercise kit without needing a dedicated room for it."