Published January 10, 2023

Drop It Like a Squat

Time to boost your weekly routine? 

Squatting is the perfect exercise to start adding into your fitness routine. This is Week 2 of your January Get Fit Challenge and it’s the week where things start to get serious. It’s also the time you have to push through, lift your energy, and remind yourself that training is the best self-care and mood booster out there.

Ready for the challenge?

Every good gym will have a few different types of squat racks where you can start your workout. Get in early, claim the one with the best view of the mirrors, and then start warming up however you feel comfortable. Here’s a few variations that will shock your lower body into building lean muscle and burning away fat:

Hack Squats really make your quads work and are a great superset exercise
Wide Leg Squats force you to recruit your abductors and core muscles even more 
Squat Lunges with alternating lead legs help you address strength imbalances

Add 3 sets of 8 reps onto the end of last week’s deadlift workout and you’ll be building functional strength with just 24 fast and focused lifts. You could even do a superset of bodyweight squats at the end to really feel the burn before you finish off with some light stretching.

Want to go even further?

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Happy lifting, and see you next week!

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