PIVOT Power Rack Extensions


    The PIVOT Power Rack Extensions enable you to get the most out of your PIVOT Power Rack's Pull-up Bar by allowing you to increase the height of the bar by up to a recommended maximum of 16 inches (400 mm).

    To allow them to slide/telescope smoothly inside the rack uprights, we bond low-friction plastic runners onto the lower portions. The tops have a neat little welded 'peaked cap' which prevents the extensions from disappearing down inside the uprights, and these have a thin piece of rubber bonded onto them to eliminate any metal-on-metal rattling or scraping.

    Includes 2 additional stainless steel magnetic pins to allow you to set the height of the extension within the upright. You then attach the pull-up bar to the extensions rather than the tops of the uprights. Each one takes mere seconds to adjust.

    NOTE: please consider your ceiling height as this is why we don't include these extensions with every rack.