Published August 08, 2023

When is it time to upgrade your home gym?

Is it time to upgrade your home gym? 

Those of you who have been part of the home gym movement for a while will know the benefits it brings to your training and health. You have gained from the ease of being able to fit your workouts into your busy schedule and have been able to spend more time building your strength. 

After a while, you may find that your motivation to work out at home starts to slip. A common reason for this is that equipment you have invested in no longer works for you. 

To keep that positive gym vibe and that pumped feeling you get from a gym session, consider upgrading your home gym and enhancing your workout experience. 

Here are some more signs that can highlight the moment you want to consider upgrading your home gym. 

Lack of Equipment Diversity

If your current setup lacks a variety of equipment or is limited in the range of exercises, this might signal you have outgrown your gym.

We designed the PIVOT rack to incorporate as many training options as possible because variety is essential for motivation and overall body fitness. 

A Full Monty PIVOT Bed has a power rack that supports whatever weights you lift. With the bench, you can press and flex. The rack can be set for lifts too. We have dip bars and a pull-up bar, plus anchors for resistance training.  

Plateaued Progress

If you've been using the same equipment and workout routines for a long time and notice that your fitness progress has stalled, upgrading with new equipment can help introduce fresh challenges to your workouts.

Equipment Wear and Tear 

Durability is a core part of the PIVOT design. But not all gyms are made equal. Many people will buy lower-quality equipment when they start creating their personal gym. 

Over time this equipment will show signs of wear. Rust, malfunctions, and weakened joints are all signs that your equipment is on the way out. 

Using inferior, outdated and aging gym equipment is seriously demotivating. 

PIVOT is made to last. The bed and the rack are constructed from British steel and fabricated by skilled UK manufacturers. 


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Safety Concerns

Safety has always been a top priority for the PIVOT team. We test and retest all our designs to meet British Safety Standards. 

It should also be a top priority for your home gym, especially when it comes to the power rack that will absorb so much of the force from your workout. 

If your current rack is unstable or has clear hazards, it's time to ditch it and upgrade to avoid the risk of injury. Not only is a wobbly rack dangerous, but it is also off-putting and will reduce your desire to train.

Space Constraints

You could have started with a small setup, or that room you exercise in is needed for visitors to stay in. Either way, you face a decision on what you want to do with the space. 

Suppose you are looking to diversify your spare room but keep your gym. PIVOT is the answer. We engineered PIVOT for small homes so you can have a comfy, stylish bed to sleep on. Then when you want to workout, lift it up, and it frees up the floor space and becomes one of the strongest racks on the market. 

Training Goals Change

Many people looking to stay in shape start with home cardio equipment. At some point, they move the cardio outside and start using weights and strength training. Then before you know it, you have a mountain of bulky, unused machines. 

Once your goals change, so must the hardware. Fortunately, there is a strong market for second-hand exercise bikes, rowing machines, treadmills etc. 

Personal Preferences

You will know what works after years of working out, toning your body and honing your routine. So just like selling the clothes you don't wear on Vinted, do the same with your gym equipment, and use the money to focus your home gym on what works for you. 


Increased Budget

Work hard, train hard. If your budget has expanded since you first set up your home gym and are cruising on outdated kit, you should invest in higher-end or more specialised equipment to enhance your overall workout experience.

It's so easy to plod along with the cheap set you created when you started your hobby. Now it's your passion, and you have shown yourself (and your partner) your dedication and commitment. It's time. You deserve to invest in yourself and get the specialised equipment you want.

Motivation and Excitement

Sometimes getting something new and shiny reinvigorates your motivation. It could even be crucial to focus you on your fitness journey. 

New equipment can make your workouts more enjoyable and motivate you to stay consistent.