Published May 30, 2023

PIVOT at Grand Designs Live in London

Hitting the road with PIVOT is always a blast, and our recent adventure to Grand Designs Live at London's ExCel was no exception.

Seeing people's reactions to our combo bed and gym never gets old. Everybody who wandered by couldn't help but flop onto the bed or check out PIVOT in gym mode.

What's even better is diving into the behind-the-scenes magic that makes PIVOT so exceptional.

The World Weightlifting Champion Who Loves PIVOT 

PIVOT has undeniably been garnering significant attention, with numerous individuals engaging with it and swiftly becoming enthusiastic supporters of our multifunctional bed.

One notable PIVOT trial came from an extraordinary individual - Manon Bradley, the esteemed Powerlifting World Champion. Her remarkable achievements include 13 World Championships, 9 European Championships, and she has established 9 World Records.

Manon, who was at Grand Designs Live looking for a new bath, couldn’t help but stop and give PIVOT a try.


Watch Manon put PIVOT to the test.


VIDEO: Don't miss Manon Bradley, Powerlifting World Champ, flexing her muscles with PIVOT!

PIVOT is easy to lift

While PIVOT certainly caught the eye of a powerlifting world champion, its two products-in-one innovation also caught a lot of attention from passersby. 

One of the common questions we’re often asked about PIVOT is how long it takes to transition the bed into a gym setup, so it was only natural that we seized the opportunity at the show to have real people PIVOT from its bed state to gym mode.

As demonstrated in the video below, the transition is quite manageable for anyone, thanks to the support of integrated, gas struts that facilitate a smooth lifting and lowering process.


Awesome public feedback and reviews on PIVOT

During our 10-day exhibition at Grand Designs Live, PIVOT was transformed from bed to gym hundreds of times.

Check out what people had to say about PIVOT.

How long does it take to convert a PIVOT

Many visitors to the stand were curious about the amount of time it takes to transform PIVOT from a bed to a gym setup, with guesses ranging from anywhere between five and 30 minutes.

How long do you think it takes from bed to gym?

Here’s a demo we took at the show so you can check it out yourself. As you can see, PIVOT switches from from bed-mode to gym-mode in 1 minute and 14 seconds – and that’s without even rushing the process.



PIVOT gets a Celebrity Endorsement

While we didn't get the opportunity to interact with Kevin McCloud, the renowned host of Grand Designs, our exhibit did manage to attract another celebrity: Brendyn Hatfield. Famed pro ice skater from Dancing on Ice, Brendyn attended the show just to see PIVOT in action, and was so impressed by PIVOT that he gave us a shout out. 

Check out Brendyn and his thoughts on PIVOT here.



A massive thanks to everyone who came and spent time with the PIVOT team at this year's exhibition. Welcome to the PIVOT community.

Eat, Sleep, Gym, Repeat.