Published January 03, 2023

New Year, New You

Take the January Get Fit Challenge

This month, we're providing the most effective weekly tips to help you kickstart your 2023 fitness journey in a 4-part series. This is a huge reset that helps you start off the new year on the right track, so you can make daily progress and enjoy the journey every step of the way.

What exercise leads to the biggest gains and fat loss?
When you start to deadlift, your health and wellbeing go up a level! You’ve made it through the festive period, had fun and had plenty of time to rest and relax. What happens next? It’s time to get back to it, train like never before and take your physique, fitness and overall wellbeing to a completely new level

When you've got the right equipment to deadlift – a 6ft barbell and suitable weights – it’s all about having the proper form to avoid injury.


How often should you lift this week? 

Even if you’re an experienced lifter, kickstarting your new workout routine with a technique session is the way to go. You’ll avoid injury, get yourself focused again and make it possible to smash your PB by making more efficient movements:

Start Light
with the bar and smallest plates and focus on a single plane of motion
Keep it Tight by engaging your core to support your lower back the right way
Never Fight the bar on the way down — a smooth, controlled downward motion is needed

Concerned you'll not stick to your new year fitness resolutions and making it to the gym and lining up for equipment are all going to get in your way? One of the best ways to stay motivated is to make working out easy, accessible and all at arm's reach, enjoying fitness in your own time, and on your own terms. Find out how below...