Published April 16, 2024

How PIVOT can have a positive impact on your business

When it comes to running a successful business, many entrepreneurs face big challenges in maximising productivity, optimising space, and rising costs.

PIVOT is becoming popular among small business owners who work from home due to its ability to create a versatile space with its innovative Murphy Bed-Home Gym Combo design.

With our transformative design, you can effortlessly repurpose your spare room into a multifunctional space. Traditionally, spare rooms often serve a single purpose, such as a guest bedroom or a makeshift home office with a squeezed-in desk.

PIVOT revolutionizes this setup by adding space and versatility. In its upright position, PIVOT transforms your room into a complete workout station, ready for you to step in and engage those muscles.

By incorporating PIVOT, you not only gain a dedicated workout area but also benefit from the additional space created by the raised bed. This expanded space around your desk enhances productivity, freeing your body and mind from the constraints of a bulky double bed occupying valuable floor space.

Moreover, when guests do arrive, there's no need for time-consuming rearrangements. Simply lower PIVOT, make the bed, and your room is instantly guest-ready, saving you both time and effort.

Benefits of Having a Home Gym for Business Professionals

Increased Productivity Through Physical Fitness

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is essential for overall well-being, both physically and mentally. Incorporating regular exercise into your routine has been proven to increase productivity and focus. By having a home gym, you can easily integrate exercise into your daily schedule without the need to commute to a fitness facility. 

Whether it's a quick workout in the morning or a mid-day exercise break, physical activity will enhance your energy levels, improve cognitive function, and enable you to tackle your work tasks with renewed vigour.

The Psychological Benefits of Exercise for Business Success

Physical fitness goes hand in hand with mental well-being. Engaging in regular exercise releases endorphins, which are natural mood boosters. These endorphins help reduce stress, anxiety, and depression - common challenges faced by many business professionals. 

By incorporating exercise into your daily routine through a home gym, you can positively impact your mental health, leading to improved focus, resilience, and overall business success. 

Moreover, exercise can enhance your ability to handle high-pressure situations, problem-solving, and decision-making - skills that are crucial for success in the business world.

PIVOT provides Space-saving solutions for small businesses and home office workers.

One of the biggest problems that small home businesses face is limited space. A functional office requires space; traditional home gyms also require a significant amount of room, which can be a luxury that many businesses simply don't have spare.

This is where PIVOT comes in. By combining a comfortable bed with a fully functional gym, you can make the most of your available space. Your home office and gym can still be a welcoming guest room. 

When PIVOT is not being used as a gym, it seamlessly transforms into a stylish and practical bed. Another option is for the power rack to be folded away and the frame left upright, generating crucial floor space in the room and allowing you to use your room efficiently.

Saving Time and Money with PIVOT

Time is a valuable resource, and as a business professional, every minute counts. One of the significant advantages of having a home gym is the time-saving aspect. No more wasting time commuting to and from a fitness centre or waiting for equipment to become available. 

With a home gym, you have the freedom to exercise whenever it suits you, without any interruptions or distractions. Additionally, by eliminating the need for a gym membership, you can save money in the long run. Investing in quality home gym equipment may seem like an upfront cost, but it will pay off in terms of time saved and reduced expenses over time.

PIVOTS cost savings don't end there. Instead of investing in additional real estate or renting an external office, you can make the most of your existing square footage by incorporating our versatile bed and gym. This can lead to significant long-term savings and increased profitability for your business.

In today's fast-paced and demanding business world, finding ways to increase efficiency and productivity is crucial for success. PIVOT offers you the chance to make your business fly.