PIVOT Bed is a way to create a dedicated exercise space in your home without giving up a room or always having equipment in view. A place where you keep your exercise equipment, either available or hidden from view, simply by lifting or lowering the bed.


It’s been a couple of months now since we’ve had our Pivot bed and we are settling in to life with a home gym in our spare bedroom! It’s a fantastic bit of kit, amazingly sturdy as others have said. It was on my husband’s wish list, he couldn’t be happier, but I can’t believe how much I get out of it as well. It’s great to have a bench tucked away under my spare bed for dumbbell exercises, deadlifts have become part of my regular routine. The storage solutions for the bar and weight plates work perfectly and it’s easy to setup and tuck everything away again. We also attach a punch bag for a bit of variety in our workouts.

Lisa & Mike

"I'm based in SW London and I wanted a PIVOT because it's a convenient way to work out, especially with the increased time working from home. Before PIVOT, I had a gym membership which I've since cancelled. Everything is great and I have done deadlifts, bench presses, squats and pull-ups. PIVOT's quality is very impressive (and I'm a structural engineer)...I had complete confidence completing my workouts. I'd definitely recommend PIVOT as I think it does exactly what I expected and it does it very well."

W. Touzet

"I expected PIVOT to adhere to their quality and style rules and the result surpasses anything we could've dreamed of! The elegant sleekness you'd expect in a top-end gym is now in my spare room! We both use it every day: my partner for a full-on heavyweight barbell and dumbbell session while I've added a TRX, which attaches perfectly and matches in style, and I particularly love the pull-up bar.The conversion to king size bed is ridiculously quick."

H. Ballweber

"I now have a full bodyweight gym under the bed… I can now do my kettlebell workouts in my bedroom… Living right by the sea does mean the house is small so this is a great space saver... It's a very good bed …Installed and created by a London-based company who enjoyed their seaside visit... They even reinforced my flooring which I didn't expect."

Dave C

"Everything is awesome, ingenious design with the quality of material and the build second to none."


"The design and engineering work that has gone into creating everything is just outstanding, from the smallest details to the overall quality of the bed is something else. Having Pivot has allowed me and my partner to add proper gym workouts to our workout routine whenever we want. After the workout we’ve got zero travel time; we just rack our weights and barbell, collapse the bench under the bed, fold down the bed and get on with our day. This makes it so much easier to get those full workouts in, especially with limited time. "


"100% would recommend this product, from the quality of design and manufacture to the service, delivery, installation and support of the Pivot team. It's a value add product to any room for someone wanting to incorporate a gym/active space area in their home. Plus it's one of the sturdiest and comfortable of bed bases."


"Always wanted a home gym, but didn't have room for one till this amazing idea from PIVOT."


"It's the most solid, sturdy and comfortable bed I've ever slept on.
The gym is brilliant in its design and quality, seamless in its operation, is expertly made, all in the UK, and offers me flexibility in where and when I work out."

Pete M