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    PIVOT Bed


    PIVOT’s innovative design solves many of the fundamental challenges to home exercise by opening up space for you to work out, as it converts from a standard bed into a home gym. By lifting the bed into its vertical position, you instantly create a dedicated zone for exercise.

    Providing unparalleled flexibility and convenience to your daily fitness routine, PIVOT enables you to workout from the comfort of your own home, quickly and efficiently. Most of all, PIVOT brings the gym into your home with the option to attach our signature PIVOT Power Rack* which completely folds out of view when not in use.

    PIVOT is a modular concept: a base bed frame which allows for a multitude of add-on accessories such as pull-up bars, dip-bars, a fold-out power rack, mirror and storage solutions for your weights and barbell. You can add these later, or configure your PIVOT the way you want it from the start – the choice is yours.

    PIVOT is made in the UK and manufactured from high-quality, powder-coated steel, providing a much stronger platform for your mattress than a standard bed, eliminating any scope for sagging in the centre – one of the common causes of back pain. While there is a little flex in our bed frame, the focus is on keeping your back straight and allowing your mattress to do its job – providing cushioning while accommodating the natural curves of your body. PIVOT is designed to work with your existing mattress, and this is held onto the bed when upright using elastic straps over the corners, which go under your fitted sheet so they’re completely hidden from view. PIVOT should upgrade your sleep.

    Please note: the power rack and headboard are not included with PIVOT Bed.

    Includes Free Global Shipping and a 25-year warranty.

      Headboard advice

      • While you don't need a headboard, we do advise fitting one. Headboards are a very personal preference and so you should feel free to use a headboard from another company. You have three options:
      • A wall-mounted headboard of your choice, as long as the bottom sits above the level of your mattress.
      • We provide a wide selection of flat, upholstered headboards which are made-to-order here in the UK. Each one comes with our universal mounting brackets and attaches to the base unit of the bed. Please note we do not ship headboards as separate orders internationally, so if you want one of our headboards you should order it when you order your bed.
      • Purchase a flat headboard elsewhere and purchase our Universal Headboard Mounts to attach it to the bed's base unit. Please see the product page for our mounts on compatibility.
      • Please note we do not ship headboards as separate orders internationally. Shipping costs are too large and breakages too common. Please consider a headboard purchase before your PIVOT Bed order dispatches so you have the maximum number of options available.


      One of the core design goals for PIVOT was that it must be at least as comfortable as a regular bed. We were not interested in producing a bed with a compromised sleeping experience, such as a sofa bed.

      We have exceeded this goal and our customers agree – PIVOT is probably the most comfortable bed they have slept on. The purpose of a bed is to provide a stiff, supportive platform for your mattress, not to be flexible and allow your spine to curve unnaturally while sleeping. Rather than use cheap, flexible wooden slats, we use four quadrant panels of high quality, birch-core plywood, secured to our incredibly strong steel frame. These perfectly support your mattress while allowing it to breathe.

      Mattress selection is personal choice and that is why we have designed to accommodate your existing mattress, or a standard mattress you can buy in any store, online or physical. Mattresses are held onto the bed using discreet elasticated straps over the corners, which sit under your fitted sheet.


      Safety is our priority, and should be yours also. From the outset we have designed and tested to the strict, internationally recognised British Standard BS EN ISO 20957-1 “Stationary Training Equipment – General Safety Requirements and Test Methods”.

      The basics of this standard and our stated maximum ratings are:

      1. Pull-up bars and dip bars rated to 130 kg (287 lbs) maximum user weight.

      2. Safety factor of x2.5 so we have tested our pull-up bars and dip bars successfully to over 325 kg (717 lbs).

      3. Dynamic/stress tests on pull-up and dip bars simulate 12,000 repetitions using the maximum rated user weight of 130 kg (287 lbs)

      4. We use a custom-developed, computer-controlled test device to simulate dynamic exercises such as pull-ups and dips.

      5. Our cost to re-test is negligible, which means we frequently re-test when we make even small changes.

      6. Our test device's maximum push/pull force is 7500 Newtons (equivalent to 765 kg or 1687 lbs) and, as expected, our power rack easily withstood this. As no human can lift this weight, we state that there are no meaningful limits with our power rack.

      In relation to the safety of the fold-up bed, we have tested this extensively also. The latches include redundancy – there are two, one per side, and any one is sufficient to hold the bed upright. Each latch has an independent locking feature to prevent accidental release. The bed will not fold up accidentally with someone on it. It must be purposefully lifted up by someone standing at the foot of the bed.

      Mattress compatibility

      Match the mattress to your chosen bed size and keep the thickness under 270 mm (11") and you won't have any problems. We have seen mattresses of 300 mm (12") work fine with just a little rubbing when pivoting the bed, but we stress that our stated maximum thickness is 270 mm. Almost all modern mattresses will fit, memory foam or sprung. Mattresses are held onto the bed using discreet elasticated straps over the corners, which sit under your fitted sheet.

      Room compatibility

      PIVOT Bed is slightly wider than a standard bed measuring 170mm (6.7”) wider than your chosen mattress width.

      The total height of the bed when vertical is 150mm (6") more than your chosen mattress length.

      Our Full-width Adjustable Pull-up bar (not the one which comes with our Power Rack) has a minimum height which is 150mm (6") more than your chosen mattress length – keep head room above the bar in mind.

      The pull-up bar which comes with our Power Rack can be set to any height, all the way down to below knee height and all the way up to 2.5m (8ft) if your ceiling permits it, using our extensions.

      The foot of the bed reaches 150 mm (6") more than your chosen mattress length away from your rear wall (discount baseboards, they do not affect this).