PIVOT Full-Width Adjustable Pull-Up Bar


    The PIVOT Full-Width Adjustable Pull-Up Bar enables many variations of pull ups, especially due to its extensive length. It can be set to 5 different heights using convenient spring-loaded pins on each side.

    Maximum height:

    • 2.35 metres / 7.7ft on a US Queen
    • 2.3 metres / 7.5ft on a UK King and all European sizes
    • 2.2 metres / 7.2ft on a UK or US Double (or any other bed with a 1900mm / 190cm mattress) 

    The pull-up bar when not in use folds neatly against the bed frame taking up minimal storage space and is secured by a simple rubber clamp. 

    Please note the PIVOT Power Rack is supplied with a different pull-up bar, so you do not need to purchase this product also. While they can be both attached at the same time, we do not support this configuration as they interfere with storage space under the bed too much.