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    LITE Package


    The PIVOT Lite Package 
    is the best way to create your new gym with a focus on opening up space in your home for calisthenics and strength training. The Full-Width Adjustable Pull-up bar provides for all the hanging based exercises you can think of. The Dip Bars accommodate another fundamental strength training exercise along with a myriad of more imaginative variations to involve the core, shoulders, lats, triceps, biceps, forearms and, of course, the back.


    The space that PIVOT creates is the most fundamental benefit, opening up your home to create a dedicated zone for all your home workouts. Having such a strong structure to attach resistance bands or suspension trainers to – from so many angles – is another huge benefit you will quickly realise with PIVOT. Keep your bands etc. connected to the various points on the underside of the bed so they're always available in an instant as soon as you lift the bed. You could be starting your resistance routine within 10 seconds of getting out of bed.

    Regardless of whether you want to use your main bedroom or a guest bedroom, this is the best way to obtain the space and equipment to begin your strength training at home.

    The PIVOT Lite Package includes:

    This package does not include a headboard. To add a headboard to your cart, navigate to Headboards.