In response to recent demand for the PIVOT bed and the PIVOT Power Rack, we've decided to move to a pre-order model so that when our products are ready you will already have one in reserve.

This means that you can pay an initial amount – £998 for PIVOT Bed and £375 for the PIVOT Power Rack – to reserve your order and then pay the remaining balance before your order's ready to ship.

For international customers, shipping and taxes will be dealt with as part of your second payment. 

For UK orders, shipping is included in the price while VAT is not, so both your first and second payments will be equal. 

For all PIVOT Bed and PIVOT Power Rack orders, we strongly advise you to pre-order to reserve your place in the queue.

If you purchase any in-stock accessories or products in your order, we'll ensure everything is shipped to you at the same time.