TRX® MOVE Suspension TrainerTM


    The ultimate all-in-one fitness solution for everyone. The TRX® MOVE Suspension Trainer™ is a full gym experience powered by your bodyweight, for all levels and goals. Train hard or slow. Get strong, get fast, get flexible, get lean, stay moving. All you have to do is show up. Its unique design creates every move you’d find in a gym or studio and powers them with your bodyweight. Adaptable for all fitness levels, the Suspension Trainer™ meets you where you are—just change the angle to change your resistance level.

    • Sets up in seconds
    • Athlete tried & tested
    • Carabiner clips to anchor of choice
    • Locking loop design keeps straps even
    • Adjustable straps for all moves and heights
    • Adjustable foot cradles for a custom fit
    • Comfortable foam handles
    • Packs light, goes anywhere
    • Perfect for strength, cardio, mobility in one
    • Adaptable for all fitness levels, change the angle to adjust your resistance level


    Comes with everything you need to work out anywhere - at home or on the go.

    What's included

    1. TRX MOVE Suspension TrainerTM
    2. TRX Suspension Anchor
    3. TRX Door Anchor
    4. Carabiner
    5. Mesh Carry Bag
    6. Access to the TRX Training ClubTM