PIVOT Universal Headboard Mounts


    Custom designed and developed to allow maximum compatibility with standard, flat headboards. Also supplied with every headboard we offer.

    Often these headboards will be supplied with two vertical wooden struts, but these cheap struts are replaced by our laser-cut, powder-coated steel mounts, which screw into the same holes on the rear of the headboard. The mounts themselves are fixed to the top of the PIVOT base unit which stays in a fixed position at all times.

    Please note due to the lack of headboard standards and the huge number of variations, manufacturers and types, we cannot advise on whether a headboard will fit. Please see the measurements below and apply these to your headboard of choice to determine compatibility. The key factors are that the headboard has 4x holes on the rear which accept M8 or smaller screws (often M5 or M6 screws are used), and the distance between the holes. There should be two holes on each side, one above the other.

    • Maximum vertical distance between headboard holes: 220mm / 22cm
    • Minimum vertical distance between headboard holes: not applicable. Technically a headboard with one hole per side could be mounted, but the strength would likely not be acceptable.
    • Maximum horizontal distance between holes: 200mm / 20cm less than mattress width (e.g. UK king mattress is 1500mm / 150 cm wide so maximum distance between headboard holes is 1300mm / 130 cm)
    • Minimum horizontal distance between holes: 720mm / 72cm less than mattress width

    Supplied with stainless steel screws, washers and nuts to attach the mounts to your PIVOT Bed. We do NOT supply screws for attaching the headboard to the mounts, as these should be supplied with your headboard and vary in size.