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PIVOT IS A GAME-CHANGER IN HOME FITNESS engineered from premium, powder-coated steel.

Our patent-pending pivot and locking mechanism enables the bed to flip up into a free-standing position, revealing a home gym complete with a 2.5m-high adjustable pull-up bar, dip bars, our multi-layer flooring solution and a power rack for all of your strength training needs.

A state-of-the-art home fitness solution, PIVOT is the only solution on the market that unlocks the exercise potential of your home by freeing up space to workout while removing the eye-sore of fitness training equipment taking centre stage in your home.

The PIVOT bed caters for all exercise needs whether you’re practicing yoga, planning a full cardio workout or going for your PB squat.



  1. You can perform all of your exercises at home whether it’s yoga, Pilates, calisthenics, cycling or strength training.
  2. PIVOT facilitates the dual-use of a room allowing it to be a bedroom or gym room.
  3. No gym membership required.
  4. Time and money saved travelling to your gym.
  5. Unlike a standard bed that takes up space in your room, PIVOT instantly creates space as it lifts into its vertical position.
  6. You’re able to store exercise equipment under the bed when it’s in a horizontal position.
  7. You can affix a tablet or mobile to PIVOT when it’s upright allowing you to perform any cardio exercise classes, attend online meetings or stay up-to-date with your favourite shows while working out. Therefore, optimising your day by performing various tasks during your workout and streamlining your day and productivity.
  8. Available in a variety of international bed sizes (see our table).


  • Designed, tested and manufactured in the UK
  • Easy-to-lift bed facilitated by strong gas-springs
  • Dual automatic locking mechanism – it locks in place upon reaching a vertical position
  • Features additional and optional security lock to prevent accidental release of locking mechanism
  • Pull-up bar full width of chosen bed size and adjustable from 2m to 2.3m high
  • No rattling as all equipment is kept under tension when retracted
  • When horizontal, PIVOT is a standard bed that accommodates your existing mattress* and most headboards
  • Optional power rack can be added at any time and ordered separately
  • Currently available add-ons for the bed: shatterproof full-length mirror, barbell storage brackets 
  • Currently available add-ons for the power rack: safety spotter arms, weight plate storage brackets
  • 306mm max available storage height under the bed (majority of the area)

* The maximum supported mattress thickness is 270mm. Any thicker and your mattress will collide with the rear wall or the base unit when pivoting which could cause issues.

PIVOT BED MEASUREMENTS: View all of the bed measurements here


  • Tested to BS EN ISO 20957-2013, the internationally-recognised British Standard for safety
  • Rated to 130kg maximum user weight (pull-up and dip- bars)
  • Power rack tested to over 500kg


  • The fully-working PIVOT Bed
  • High quality birch-core, phenolic-coated plywood for your mattress to rest on
  • Extendable pull-up bar
  • Dip-bars
  • Multi-layer exercise mat solution
  • The PIVOT Power Rack add-on with a pair of high quality J-hooks

Please note that some of the images for this product shows our Weight Plate Storage solution underneath the bed (front and rear shots) which are not included with PIVOT ULTIMATE, but are available as additional add-ons.  




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