PIVOT Power Rack
PIVOT Power Rack
PIVOT Power Rack
PIVOT Power Rack
PIVOT Power Rack
PIVOT Power Rack
PIVOT Power Rack
PIVOT Power Rack

    PIVOT Power Rack

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       The PIVOT Power Rack is the perfect add-on for anyone looking to perform any of the myriad of strength-based exercises made possible by a rack and attaches easily on to the PIVOT Bed. Now you don't have to dedicate a whole room to be a gym, you can have your gym stored under your bed.

      75x75mm uprights in high quality 3mm steel bring the strength of a commercial power rack to your bedroom. The rack comes with adjustable, telescopic feet to enable it to pivot under the bed when not in use and then be driven into the floor securely using a strong lever on the back of each upright. This ensures that the rack always has a firm contact with the floor and takes the weight from the pivot and latches. We've tested the uprights to hundreds of KG each using our computer-controlled custom test rig – there are no meaningful limits.

      The uprights also extend at the top to allow the pull-up bar to reach a maximum height of 2.5 metres, or all the way down to below knee level.

      The uprights feature westside hole spacing in the lower area to give you finer control over barbell positioning (every 25mm), with the remainder having holes every 50mm.

      The included J-hooks are not your standard after-thoughts: we've designed them from one solid piece of 10mm steel, folded to perfection and with zero welds. We wrap virtually every face of the J-hooks with durable neoprene rubber to not only protect your barbell, but also to protect your uprights – a premium feature normally only found on aftermarket items.

      The rack can be extended and ready for exercise in seconds, and the same is true for stowing it again should you want to either return the bed to its sleeping position or merely perform different exercises using the entire available floor space.

      The rack also comes with a set of stainless steel magnetic locking pins which help to ensure that, just like everything else with PIVOT Bed, there are no annoying rattles when the bed is in the sleeping position. 

      For king and queen bed sizes, the rack can be mounted offset slightly to either side of the bed to help give you more room for your barbell, should your bed be close to a side wall.

      The following article covers the best position for your PIVOT Bed

      The power rack includes a pair of our J-hooks, a fully-adjustable pull-up bar and all the brackets and stainless steel nuts, bolts, washers and pins required to affix it to the PIVOT Bed.

      This product does not include the main PIVOT Bed or the mat featured in the images.


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