PIVOT Multi-Layer Exercise Mat
PIVOT Multi-Layer Exercise Mat
PIVOT Multi-Layer Exercise Mat - PIVOT FITNESS
PIVOT Multi-Layer Exercise Mat
PIVOT Multi-Layer Exercise Mat

    PIVOT Multi-Layer Exercise Mat

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      Our multi-layer mat solution perfectly meets the needs of home exercise, whether you're going for your PB deadlift or your morning 'upward-facing dog' yoga pose.

      Working with Europe's leading natural rubber exercise mat manufacturer, we've created a custom mat tile featuring two interlocking edges and two straight edges that ensure they stay together and you don't notice the seams. Smell and VOCs are vastly lower than other rubber solutions (generally recycled car tyres) as they're produced from virgin, natural rubber (latex), which is a huge consideration for any product being placed into a bedroom.

      Below the tiles, we place six large, 11mm thick wooden panels: a necessary layer that aids to distribute weight and heavy impacts over a large surface area, as well as ensuring the mat doesn’t move when placed on piled carpet*. 

      The wooden layer measures 2150mm long and 1800mm wide, with the rubber layer stretching 100mm over the edge at each side and at the foot of the bed. Extensive research has shown that only a 7mm thick rubber layer is required, with only very marginal gains achieved with a thicker layer. This thickness also means that the 100mm on each edge overhanging the wooden layer eliminates the need for any edging strips.

      We're confident that the PIVOT Multi-Layer Exercise Mat provides the best possible flooring solution for training at home.

      *If you’re placing the mat solution on a hard floor, we include a third, thin layer to prevent the two hard surfaces from coming into contact and this further insulates noise and impacts.



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